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While Covid and ecommerce have driven a shift online, in-store will bounce back as restrictions ease, led by Gen Z.


More than 1.4 million ANZ customers have added Afterpay Card to their app. Whether your doors are open, or soon-to-be-open once restrictions ease, it is important for merchants to drive a safe, seamless and frictionless experience as customers head in-store. Our omni-channel customers spend 56% more than online-only users, which is why Afterpay is excited to announce several product updates for in-store merchants to drive customer demand and increase conversions as stores begin to re-open.


Afterpay Card

Easy just got easier with Afterpay Card. Customers can now pay in-store seamlessly and directly from their Google Pay or Apple Wallet. It’s safe, easy and contactless and means a more seamless in-store shopping experience. To get started customers simply download the Afterpay app, go to the Card tab to set up the Afterpay Card and follow the prompts to add it to their digital wallet.


Shop Updates

We’ve released some exciting updates to Shop to empower customers to more easily find our merchants in their stores. Customers can search for stores, products or categories and filter results to show addresses within a certain proximity. They can click directly into a merchant to get directions to the store, see open times and other helpful info. 


Samsung Pay - Coming Soon!

Later in October, open the doors to an exciting new group of customers with Afterpay Card and Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service, currently available in Australia, that lets customers make payments inside stores and online with their Samsung phone. Setup is fast and simple; it’s a virtual card customers can add to Samsung Wallet from the Afterpay app. Even better - there’s nothing to set up or change on your end!


What do these updates mean for our merchant partners?

These updates are designed to enhance the in-store experience for customers, better connecting our valuable customer base with merchants. Across the journey, from discovering merchant partners, to a simplified wallet experience, and then providing even more opportunities to pay, Afterpay is committed to supporting consumers and merchants offline as well as online. 


Want to understand how you and your teams can leverage the benefits of Afterpay to connect with your customers and enable sales growth? Check out the Afterpay in-store education toolkit here.