“Favourites” to help boost interaction with customers

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For many of our app users, Afterpay is more than a way to pay flexibly. It’s also a tool to easily discover new products, brands and retailers to love.


Our customers asked and we delivered: we’re excited to introduce Favourites. Now available on the latest version of the Afterpay app for iOS and Android, Favourites allows users to easily save and track the products they want right from their mobile devices.


We developed Favourites in direct response to user demand and our own research. When our customers are shopping online, they’re not always in a position to buy a product immediately and often rely on bookmarks to save stores and products they want to keep track of. With Favourites, customers can rest assured knowing they can save items to revisit at a later date.


Favourites incentivizes shoppers to return more frequently to track saved items, which means increased referral traffic from return shoppers to our merchant partners. The more users leverage Favourites, the more personalized their Afterpay recommendations become as an added benefit.


The initial launch of Favourites includes:

·   The ability to save both stores and products to the in-app Favourites list

·   Favourites organized by stores and products via the Profile tab

·   An in-app browser that allows for saving individual products to Favourites

·   A personalized Favourites collection at the top of the Shop tab


As our customers better track products directly from the Afterpay app, product discovery is increased and the overall shopping experience is enhanced.


To use Favourites, shoppers simply tap the ❤ on stores in the Shop tab or save any product from retailers using the in-app browser. Users see recent Favourites at the top of their home screen and track them all from the Profile menu.