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Meet Afterpay’s new look. 


It’s bold, optimistic… and looks nothing like a traditional financial services brand – because we’re not one.


Our visual identity, featuring a new colour palette and an updated logo, reflects the evolution of our brand and its services. 


After all, a lot has changed since Afterpay launched in 2014.


Our new brand identity comes as the world undergoes a payment revolution, with consumers increasingly moving away from traditional debt and credit cards towards fairer and more flexible payment options.


It’s a shift that’s been led by Millennials but enthusiastically embraced by Gen Z (94 per cent of Afterpay’s Gen Z customers use debit cards on our platform^) – and it has only accelerated since COVID-19. Between February and April 2020, credit card use was down by seven per cent, while buy-now-pay-later was up by 22 per cent*.


We’re proud to be shaping a future where financial freedom can be enjoyed by all – whether that’s customers or merchants – and we want our brand identity to reflect that. 


Right now, Afterpay is also expanding rapidly worldwide, and offering exciting new opportunities for merchants both in-store and online. What better time to reinforce our commitment to bold innovation, a positive outlook and future thinking?


Our new colour palette


Afterpay’s new brand colour is Bondi Mint. It’s sharp, bright, optimistic and reflects our Australian beginnings, as well as the fact that we’re a brand that does things differently. 


Our new logo 


Our new brand logo is an evolution of the original, and the interlocking symbols represent the relationship between customers, merchants and Afterpay, and the way that the relationship is strengthened every time we interact.


Our mission & vision


We believe there’s a fairer way to pay, and we see it as our mission to power an economy where everyone wins, from merchants to customers. That means constantly looking for the win/win solution for every stakeholder, and acting with honesty and transparency to deliver financial freedom for all.


Our new brand identity underlines our commitment to brave thinking and authenticity. But perhaps most importantly, it demonstrates our optimism and excitement about the opportunities that lay ahead. 


Check out the tools your business needs to make the change including integration instructions, rebranded marketing assets and new brand guidelines!



^Source: The Future Lab

*Source: AlphaBeta and Illion, based on a sample of transactions - 250k Australian Consumers, RBA